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CareBee Healthcare IT Solutions

MyCareBee for healthcare provides innovative solutions that empower organizations to achieve better outcomes. The future of digital health care holds tremendous potential. At MyCareBee, we are helping advance simple and safe digital health system. We are working to improve health outcomes and lower costs.

We offer these new models of digital technology to deliver new models of care to healthcare organizations the platform and technologies that are needed to deliver a patient-centric, outcome-focused continuum of care.

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Home healthcare aplication

Capacity based Scheduling
Capacity based Scheduling
Analysis and statistics in the back-end
Multi-languages supported natively Intuitive back-end

In premise staff tracking

Hospital's floor wise structure
Pie chart of Percentage of people present on each floor
Options like Line graph in graph types
Multi languages supported natively Intuitive back-end

AI / ML / NLP Solutions

AI can be used to make system user-friendly
ML and AI can save time and money with process automation
AI Chatbots can address multiple visitors at the same time

AI Chatbot

Advanced medical neural network
Analysis and statistics in the back-end
Multi languages supported natively Intuitive back-end


Patient can consult a right doctor online from remote location
Makes efficient utilization of highly qualified and busiest consultants Saves Time and Money for Patient and Payer

Patient Feedback

iPad & Android Patient Feedback App
Online Patient Feedback
Comparative reports

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